Uses In Phosphate Bound Investments And Flame Suppression/Retardents

A range of stabilised monoammonium phosphates with controlled reactivities defined particle size and Surface Reaction Control Agents.

This range is derived from 15 years of experience in handling these difficult materials and ensuring they remain in a usable form after storage and mixing in investment formulations.

CrematPro Precision Casting - Jet Engine
CermaDent 159

The first CermaDent produced by Cermatpro and still a “crowd pleaser”.

CermaDent P6

Similar particle size analysis as CermaDent 159 but with a mix of additives to control both storage and degradation in the mixing process.

CermaDent 185

A fine particle size with controlled reactivity through sparing use of additives.

CermaDent HiEx

Where setting expansion needs a boost then this MAP with ultimate clean surface properties will provide the boost you require.

CermaDent 351

The ultimate in stabilised monoammonium phosphate with a blend of surface additives and high expansion.

CermaDent DB30

Coated with Surface Reaction Control Agents using novel developed technology. Prevents and controls the formation of Reaction Layers in Pressable Ceramic investments particularly with Lithium Disilicate and provide superior cast surfaces with precious metals and alloys. Not yet available to protect our technology as a powder in its own right but is a strategic element in the CerSett DB30 development.