The Technology

Controls And Techniques

Technology at CermatProThe Controls

Total investigation and control of the reaction between MgO and phosphate entities.Examination using:

  • ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectroscopy) – providing data on the phosphate components entering into solution and their ability to react with MgO. Studies on effect of trace elements on reaction retarding. Monitoring and control of leached species on binders used in Precision Casting.
  • XRF-X-Ray Fluorescence – data provided on the macro elements present in the binder and in the total investment. Available in-house using Fused Bead ISO 12677 and Pressed Powder techniques.
  • XRD – X-Ray Diffraction – phase analysis providing quantitative data on the binder and the crystalline phases used in various matrices for different applications. Essential aid to the engineered MgO we produce as Ultra.
  • Investment properties – including Setting Time parameters, setting expansion, exothermic data.
  • The Technology Muffle parameters – stability to pressed heating and compressive strengths.
  • Simple casting techniques and Pressable ceramics

The Techniques

  • Encapsulation – protection to the MgO allowing very fine particle size distributions with good working times and high Compressive Strengths. See link to Ultra technology
  • Surface Treatments – reactions with either MgO or Phosphate to bring the reaction under control of the technician and without Furnace Reaction layers-see link to CerSett DB technology