CerMag - MgO

Used In Phosphate Bound Investments (Crown And Bridge, Pressable Ceramics), Model Casting Investments, Crushed Tubes, Glow Plugs

A range of precision controlled reactivity magnesium oxides. Produced to enable Working Time control to within 10 seconds. Using such techniques as ICP-OES, Investment properties of Working Time, Set Time, setting and Thermal Expansion plus Compressive Strength.

CerMag - MgO
CerMag FC120D

Slow reacting

CerMag FC70D-Slow

The most popular product with a range of reactivity to suit all investments.

CerMag FC70D-Normal

Used alone or in combination with other slower reacting MgO.

CerMag FA30D

The fastest reacting MgO in the range. Used to adjust the rate of reaction.

CerMag Ultra

A series of encapsulated magnesia providing a long Working Time with ultra-fine particle size. A product of Cermatpro Research and Development designed to improve the surface finish of metal casts (alloys and precious metals) together with a Setting Time and expansion not normally attainable with such a fine grained Magnesia.

CerMag Ultra 9

An encapsulated MgO with fine particle size yet long setting time. Produces exceptionally fine surfaces with high Compressive Strength.