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CrematPro Precision Casting - Jet Engine

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For further details please contact Zoƫ Stewart BSc (Hons), MSc.-Laboratory Manager Cermatpro Ltd

Laboratory equipment installed by the company and used to control incoming raw materials, development projects and certification of supplies to our customer base is offered as an additional fee-paying service. All instruments are maintained and serviced regularly and calibrations are fully traceable to recognised international standards. Our laboratory is fully staffed with well-trained technicians all qualified to higher degree standard.


Full services are:

Chemical Analysis

Using X-Ray Fluorescence either Pressed Powder for known matrices or the more normal Fused Bead method. Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy for trace elements down to a few parts per billion in certain cases.

Phase Analysis

Using X-Ray Diffraction of powders linked to the Crystallographic Database.

Particle Size Analysis

Using liquid or powder analysis by Laser Diffraction.