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New Director of Dental Business

Peter Holland (Managing Director) welcomes Alex Wilder as the newly appointed Director of Dental Business to the board of Cermatpro Ltd. Alex joins Bill Grabham (Chairman) and Peter to drive the Cermatpro and Justpressables brands forward. Peter says: “Alex has shown considerable enthusiasm with the development of JP and his business acumen is growing daily. Bill and I consider this a strengthening of the Board and an asset for the future of the company.” Alex together with Bill and Zoë Stewart are the named as the holders of the patent for the production of JPVest. Probably the best investment in the world today for Pressable Ceramics. Alex will have full responsibility for the Dental Business aided by Mike Foot on Sales, Sophie Cunningham – Commercial and together with Zoë Stewart and Dr Sallyann Wallington in Technical Support. Cermatpro has a fully equipped and staffed technical centre of excellence using XRF , XRD and full pressing facilities in support of global sales. Alex may be contacted at... read more

REACh Registration

REACh is the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals which came into force in 2007. All CermatPro Ltd products conform with the requirements of REACh. The following products have been registered by our supply chain where appropriate: Fused Mullite – FM Sintered Mullite – CerMull Monoammonium phosphate – CermaDent Grades White Fused Alumina – WFA Tabular Alumina – CerTab Fused Spinel – FS Fused Zirconia The following products are exempt from REACh and do not require registration: Fused Magnesia – CerMag FC Grades Sintered Magnesia – CerMag SM Grades Fused Silica – FSi Grades Calcined Zircon Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require further... read more