REACh is the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals which came into force in 2007. All CermatPro Ltd products conform with the requirements of REACh.

The following products have been registered by our supply chain where appropriate:
Fused Mullite – FM
Sintered Mullite – CerMull
Monoammonium phosphate – CermaDent Grades
White Fused Alumina – WFA
Tabular Alumina – CerTab
Fused Spinel – FS
Fused Zirconia

The following products are exempt from REACh and do not require registration:
Fused Magnesia – CerMag FC Grades
Sintered Magnesia – CerMag SM Grades
Fused Silica – FSi Grades
Calcined Zircon

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